PRISM DocForm helps you merge data sources to create flexible, full-color print documents and eDocuments of all types to suit a wide range of communications needs. You can count on Konica Minolta and PRISM DocForm to help you dynamically merge data sources, both variable and static, such as names, addresses, text, photos, logos, images, customized messages, discount coupons, barcodes, calculations, web links and more.
    • Produces print document and eDocument output with personalized messages that communicate more effectively.
    • Merges data sources from multiple locations: databases, flat files, print streams, data streams, ERP and CRM programs, the web and third-party applications.
    • Accepts XML input, outputs XML, accepts mobile/remote data input from both Tablet PCs and signature pads.
    • Can store static data on your printer and merge variable data to optimize print speed and minimize network traffic.
    • Lets you print to any device on your network, giving you a powerful tool for distributed document printing across the hall or around the world.