PRISM DocSystem

    PRISM DocSystem is designed to provide automated document management for a broad range of tasks including print distribution to best-match devices, file converting and encrypting, document review, revision and approval, even image processing and file formatting according to rules you specify.

    You can count on Konica Minolta to provide rules-based automated document management that will enable you to set your own parameters for custom automation that fits your application.

    • Distributed printing can maximize the efficiency of your MFP devices, with rules based on file size, print time, date, author, color, or special needs.
    • Documents and print jobs can be processed with file conversion, compression, encryption, watermarks and page deletion or insertion.
    • Document revisions can be routed electronically and tracked through the process of review, mark-up, changes, approvals and signatures.
    • Text can be changed, images can be adjusted, information can be inserted or deleted, files can be moved or renamed, directories can be adjusted and much more.