Brother Printers - A Modern Classic

If you're in the market for a new printer, you're going to run across the Brother manufacturing brand. The company isn't as vocal or in-your-face as some of its competition, but it's one of the oldest printing companies in the world. How could a printer company be so old, when computers are such a new technology?

Inherited and Family Grown

The answer is that originally, Brother began in 1908 as a sewing machine business. Kanekichi Yasui founded Yasui Sewing Machine, Co., in Nagoya, Japan. His goal was to repair sewing machines and manufacture parts in his community, but his sons had a new vision.

Keeping the Reputation, Evolving the Products

When they inherited Yasui Sewing Machine years later, they adapted their legacy and created their own sewing machine. The Brother name was cemented in history as reputable and innovative, and now, it has expanded into small or home offices everywhere.

What the Best Brother Devices Look Like

As you add a printer to your business solutions shopping list, you might be surprised at the vast availability of Brother options. As innovative now as the company was over a century ago, the manufacturer is always on the cutting edge of the newest technology.

Home or Office? You Can Find Everything You Need to Print

You'll find state-of-the-art personal or home office printer options like:

Additional Printing and Accessory Features

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Brother printers come with an array of options to streamline your printing jobs. When you shop for the best Brother printer, first, choose the type of printer you want. This is specific to your needs. For example, do you prefer ink or toner cartridges? Are you buying for a small office that could benefit from two paper trays or a high number of pages per minute? Or, are you using the printer to print photos and basic documents in your home office?

Shop for the Features You'll Use the Most

Once you know whether you want an inkjet printer or a laser printer, it's time to compare the available printers. you can narrow down your options by looking for other accessory features, such as:

Check the Reviews, and Shop With Confidence

Before you make any purchase, read the review section under the printers you're looking at. Brother items often have high customer satisfaction, so when you shop for these devices, you know you'll be getting something that can print pages that you'll be happy with.

The Brother name has been synonymous with innovation since the very first sewing machine part was fixed. Now that it includes print devices, you can shop for your electronic essentials with the confidence that comes with a tradition of the highest standards for every product.

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