Printworks MPS

IOTEC Printworks MPS

The Cost Saving Single-Point Source for Managing All Aspects of Printing

Let us manage all of your laser printers, regardless of brand or age. Using IOTEC PrintWorks provides you with:

Reduction in IT support
Frees your IT staff to focus on other key support initiatives
More control
Increases your control by providing a single point of accountability for service, supplies and billing
Lower costs
Lowers printer operating costs and eliminates service costs
Remote Monitoring
Automatic toner replenishment triggered by 3x daily updated supply level reports sent directly to our order desk for processing

Efficient. Reliable. Cost Effective. Convenient.

IOTEC PrintWorks provides toner, reliable on site service at no additional cost, usage reports and complete management of all HP, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, Toshiba and Brother laser printers

How IOTEC PrintWorks Operates:

Current and Accurate Inventory

We inspect and tag each printer so you know where the printers are located and who uses them

Complete Service

We provide service for any printer under the contract at no additional charge

Professional Recommendations

We help match needs to usage patterns so you know which products provide the most efficiency by department

Regular Evaluations

We conduct periodic reviews to ensure you get the most out of the printers that you already own or lease

Complimentary Analysis

We provide comprehensive cost and usage analysis and recommendations that reduce yours costs by an average of 30%.

Reap the benefits now and later

In addition to optimizing your investment in the equipment you already have, we can provide new printers, faxes and multifunction copiers that will enhance office productivity and improve operating costs. Also, we offer flexible acquisition options including purchase, lease and cost per page programs.
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