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Thanks to technological advances, businesses today have a double-edged sword, as you've likely noticed in your management role.

Because of e-commerce, you deal with a highly competitive online and in-person world that exponentially expands your potential consumer base, making boundaries a non-issue. While it's possible for you to be globally successful, you always have to contend with global competitors, juggling strategic business reviews and high customer satisfaction with making money.

Why Businesses Are Turning to Managed Print Services-MPS

One way to handle this challenge and increase your profit margin is by investing in managed print services. Print management combines the most effective printing devices and accessories, offered in a way that will reduce costs and minimize your company's environmental footprint, too.

How Managed Print Services Work

To have a comprehensive online presence, complete with print functionality, your business must have an I.T. team, security, and expensive hardware, not to mention the extras that go along with your printing needs, like ink and paper.

The costs add up for all of these services. And waiting for someone to fix a print security problem or bring supplies needed decreases overall productivity. That's where MPS providers that offer solutions like Iotec Digital Printworks are beneficial. With managed print services, your office gets all of the individual components necessary for a high-quality print infrastructure without the expensive overhead.

What's Involved in Print Management?

When you work with print providers to develop an office-wide solution, the structure is individually designed based on your company's supply and demand. The goal is to reduce your printing costs while still handling the company's document output.

So how does this work? To start with, the managed print services MPS team evaluates your print usage and breaks it down, piece by piece. This initial assessment is then used to design MPS programs that create the infrastructure that best suits your office. The assessments used by most printer management specialists look something like this.

Determine the numbers.

First, the print services company will work with you to determine your current costs. Before any services are offered, you need a clear picture of what the printers, documents, and service providers you're using are costing your business.

How much are you spending on your printing equipment, including things like print security, energy consumption, and general replacement parts? Determining these figures gives you a baseline idea of your spending so you can work with the PMS to implement cost-savings measures.

Evaluate and make changes to the infrastructure.

Right now, your current equipment could have high carbon emissions, low efficiency, or features that aren't used because they're not intuitive or developed for remote workers. The external provider you bring in will evaluate the system and suggest selective or general replacement. If anything is on the verge of being obsolete or inefficient, the managed print company will offer solutions. At the same time, they'll provide support to your employees as they learn the new processes and technology.

The workflow will change in a way designed to optimize efficiency and save time. But if there isn't help from the managed print services team throughout the process, you'll lose many benefits and employee buy-in.

Device management is in their hands.

When you agree on a managed print solution, the company takes care of the rest: hardware, security, support, and multifunctional printers; it's all their job.

Your managed print services include solutions that help you and your employees optimally manage your business. They'll provide the print devices you need through existing third-party equipment because this immediately gives you lower costs. Only the best printers and devices are part of the service to ensure high user satisfaction.

Part of the processes will contain intuitive workflow benefits from the off-site MPS provider. They'll monitor the devices for any printing concerns. When they see that you have printing needs, like new output trays or main components, they send them to you automatically. This will improve productivity with reduced wait time for supplies. At the same time, it enables cost reduction practices. The overall print environment runs seamlessly without any extra work from your employees.

Evolving practices for your business's changes.

As your business print needs change, so will your managed print services MPS. This adaptation is yet another part of the benefits of letting an expert team manage your print solutions. MPS providers use devices that collect print usage data. As you complete your daily print jobs, the information obtained drives how they manage your print needs. For instance, if your business steps up its print services, other printers could save you ink or print faster documents, thus being more cost-effective.

This technology optimizes your print costs and other savings in real-time. With productivity as the core focus and support for security and device use, it's a service that more than pays for itself.

How Iotec Printworks Can Help

Ready to get rid of your standalone printer and security systems? Iotec Printworks can optimize your office's print infrastructure. Designed to be the single-point source for managing every aspect of printing, the company is efficient and reliable, and the service is cost-effective and convenient. When you work with Iotec Digital, you get benefits like:

  • An evaluation of your current inventory with an analysis of the location of your printers and who uses them to improve security
  • Service for every printer and device on the contract
  • Data analysis of your usage patterns to help you understand if your printer is cost-effective and recommendations for others that could save you money
  • Periodic evaluations and reviews of your data and equipment used to ensure you're getting optimal returns
  • Cost and usage analysis and recommendations on how you can lower your print overhead by an average of 30%

We Do the Work, You Reap the Benefits

Data analysis, easy access to your essential services, and intuitive care are vital parts of a managed print service company. These are all characteristics you get with the Printworks solution. Why not start saving money on your printing services today?

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