Managed IT Services

IOTEC Managed IT Services

A Complete IT Management Solution
IOTEC provides customized IT Solutions to small, medium and large organizations across the nation. We perform comprehensive assessments of your infrastructure so we can guide, collaborate, or share ideas with your team on how best to manage your systems and help you to support your business initiatives. We can handle the day-to-day tasks like upgrading older technology or managing servers or desktops, and we can help with projects like server migrations, application development and Cloud services.

Together with our technology solution partners, we deliver secure and proven solutions that lower your costs, mitigate risks and free up your IT personnel’s time so they can work on your company’s strategic objectives.

Our IT Solutions and Services include but are not limited to:

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • Cloud Hosting Solutions and Services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technology Risk Assessments
  • Help Desk-Desktop Management
  • Application Development
  • Procurement- Hardware & Software Installation and Upgrades
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What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is a term that appears to be in everyday use at the moment. However, it seems to be quite ambiguous and poorly understood by many people. Furthermore, as this article shows, the definition can vary depending upon whether you are talking to a vendor or someone who works within an organization using these services. So what exactly are they?

Remote managed services can be seen as one where your ICT (Information & Communications Technology) is procured from someone other than yourself. It would typically include hosting services (the provision of data center infrastructure), network connections (typically via MPLS – Multi-Protocol Label Switching), hardware/ maintenance services, e-mail, and web hosting. The critical point is that the responsibility for the day-to-day management of your ICT infrastructure is not yours alone.

Remote IT solutions are a very popular choice among businesses. This is because they remove much of the burden and responsibility from you, the user/owner, to concentrate on core business activities and growth. Choosing Remote IT solutions makes financial sense to businesses because hiring in-house IT staff is costly and their ongoing education for certifications is a significant and recurring annual expense.  For most small and medium-sized companies, it makes more sense to outsource IT Services to a reputable Managed IT SErvices company that can support your company and whose core business is understanding and managing the complexity of IT Services.  In turn, companies can utilize their in-house staff to focus on more strategic and planning initiatives to grow their business.

What is a Managed Services Provider?

A managed services provider (MSP) will manage the services listed above and everything related to network infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Cloud Services, Servers, Backup & Continuity validation, and workstations via a Remote Management System with the ability to intervene or react to events in real-time.  tAs a result, you no longer have to hire an IT department. Therefore, it allows your business to save money and increase profits by reducing expensive computer equipment, physical space, and salaries. A managed service provider will normally pay for all of these assets by charging monthly – commonly referred to as 'pay-as-you-go.' In other words, they charge you based on how much you use them.

Another significant commercial advantage is that managed services contracts are usually not guaranteed in terms of lifetime or amount purchased.

If an outside managed service provider manages your IT systems, there would always be someone open and available to support you, rather than having an internal employee with other job titles/responsibilities. This means that there is the convenience of having someone on call for any problems that may occur at all times of day or night: including weekends.

It can also help with restrictions placed upon expenditures due to the financial climate we find ourselves in and provide a more efficient way of managing your IT resources and assets.

Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

Managed IT services have many benefits for businesses. The most obvious benefit is cost savings. A managed IT service brings many benefits to a business, including very low costs (the client only has to pay for what they use), scalability, and efficiency. These services can also improve the performance of hardware investments, help organizations become more IT-savvy and reduce risks.

In addition, having an outside company take responsibility for ensuring that the organization's needs are met often gives businesses greater flexibility and allows them to concentrate on their core competencies, increasing productivity. As one may imagine, many things come into play when talking about managed support services worldwide.

Managed IT Services can be used in any size company or business, ranging from small companies to large organizations. One example of a large company that uses Managed IT Services is GE Capital.

GE has become the world's largest non-banking financial services firm. It provides financing, leasing, and other types of financial services to businesses across the globe. In addition, GE's outsourcing service includes managed network support, disaster recovery, and data storage, to name a few. GE has over 20 locations globally in which they outsource their IT needs.

These are based around the world, including Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa. This demonstrates how even the biggest companies use managed services for their ICT requirements as it reduces costs while improving scalability and efficiency.

However, there are multiple reasons why a business would choose to outsource some of its IT operations:
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