Yes, Your Office Equipment Can Get Hacked

Nowadays, your multifunction printer (MFP) and copier have access to your company’s network, employee devices and the internet. We rely on machines every day to perform daily activities, and even our office equipment with basic functions can be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Although your multifunction office devices may have basic functions, we rely on their functionality to manage our sensitive documents. A determined cybercriminal can access critical documents such as financial records, employee information, bank details, tax files, etc.

In a 2020 experiment conducted by Cybernews, their in-house cybersecurity team hijacked 27,944 printers worldwide and forced the devices to print a step-by-step guide on securing their equipment. The team stated: “To perform the experiment, we used Internet of Things (IoT) search engines to search for open devices that utilized common printer ports and protocols.”

Even if your office printers and copiers are off or disconnected, a cybercriminal only needs to gain entry to the operating system. Then, they can access all the data stored. Here are some ways you can ensure your multifunction devices are secured:

  1. Change the default password and use authentication: Most printers have a default password like any device. Use a unique password and implement some form of authentication.
  2. Install a firewall: Most multifunction equipment comes with pre-installed firewalls, but you also have the option to invest in an advanced firewall.
  3. Create network segmentation: Divide your network into segments and isolate your devices to protect the entire network from widespread cyberattacks.
  4. Update and patch: Check for firmware updates on all multifunction devices.
  5. Contact your IT provider immediately if you notice unwanted printouts (spam, harassment, offensive material).

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