Where Are Brother Printers Made and Other Common Printer Questions

The question of whether Brother is a good printer brand when you don't often see it on the shelves in department stores is understandable. Amongst the other highly advertised manufacturers, Brother rarely attempts to compete.

There's a reason for this, though. The name "Brother" in the electronics world stands by itself, without the need for extra marketing tactics. Brother is a brand that has been around for decades, and it's popular for the business solutions that make office work efficient and productive.

But, to answer the burning question of where Brother Printers are made, their main manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, in Bartlett, Tennessee. The exact address, should you need to submit mail to them or take a visit and explore the premises, is 7819 North Brother Blvd. Bartlett, Tennessee 38133.

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Wait, I Thought Brother Printers Were Made in China?

Like almost everything in the world, there are some parts that we can make domestically and others that must be imported. But as far as Brother printers go, our primary manufacturing is done in the United States.

However, our mechanical sewing machines are primarily put together in our facility in Zhuhai, China. We also have computerized machines manufactured in Taiwan, and our Vietnam location boasts the largest single-brand sewing machine factory anywhere around the globe.

What Does a Brother Printer Do?

Brother's printers are created with the goal of practicality and cost-efficiency in mind. As such, the printers they produce are durable, well-designed, and fast, but affordable.

With a Brother printer, your documents are printed quickly, with a high page count, and your ink or toner cartridges last longer. Because they need to be replaced less frequently, they average to be more affordable than their counterparts.

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Is HP Older Than Brother?

HP and Brother are often compared as the top business printers on the market. Brother has been around since 1908, when it first began as a small, one-owner sewing machine provider in Japan. HP, on the other hand, was founded in 1939.

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Brother still makes sewing machines and accessories, but it underwent a revolution when computers hit the scene. Brother manufacturer's printers and electronic goods have surpassed sewing machines in popularity.

What's the History of Brother?

The Brother International Corporation is proud of its rich heritage and history as a Japanese brand a century ago. What began as a one-room shop in Nagoya, Japan, has since spread across Europe and other continents as an established company producing high-quality printers and other machines.

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Two brothers called Masayoshi turned their small business into an established massive corporation with a vast support network that continues to be top in nationwide sales for manufactured printing needs. Ink, toner, specialty machines like garment printers, and more are part of the legacy of these two brothers.

Industrial sewing machines by Brother Industries Ltd have taken over the simple home sewing machines we once produced.

Initially, the first Brother printer was a dot matrix, but those have long since been replaced with high-quality products. The company's printers are powered by the most innovative technologies, offering functions that redefine the term "essential" in the office.

Where Can Customers Get Brothers Products?

Brother provides products and services in 17 production sites all over the globe as a leading industry in printing. We also continue to dominate the sewing industry with machines and other products.

Yes, we were once strictly Japanese, but our sewing machines are predominantly made in China now. You can find our printer facilities anywhere that major industries with mass production capabilities need efficient business office solutions.

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You'll find us manufacturing printers, fax machines, and other essential technology from Tennessee to Canada and beyond. Our high-speed printing solutions have cornered the market and revamped the industry in nationwide sales.

Brother Companies Have the Products You Need for Your Business

We may not be an original American brand, but Brother International Corporation is a world-famous printer brand today.

If you're looking for good printer manufacturers for your office needs, Brother printer solutions provides the products to take your business to the next level. From label printers, label makers, garment printers, and affordable toner, and into everything that falls under the printer market, Brother Industries Ltd has you covered.

Brother operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary with a name for the top print quality products. Sure, we don't compete with the department store brands, like Canon and Epson. But that's because we don't have to.

Since Brother introduced the first high-tech sewing and printing products in its line, history was made once again.

Brother Industries Ltd is the go-to company for industrial sewing machines. Today Brother printers are in a league of their own as the printer and office machine company everyone wants in their business.

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