KIP Printers Explained

KIP has been a reputable manufacturer of technological innovations for decades. But when you look for a printer in a department store, you may not see this brand. That's because the company specializes in developing wide-format printers and other specialized engineering copying equipment.

The Katsuragawa Electric Co.

Established in 1945, Katsuragawa Electric Co., Ltd., has patented the KIP Electronic Photocopy Imaging System. This system was the foundation for today's digital engineering, copying, printing, and scanning.

KIP Wide Format Printers

It's the precise imaging techniques used by KIP wide format printers that make them so in demand in the business world. These features make it possible to print fine details for top performance, and the space-saving design is ideal for those who want a high print quality in tight areas.

Since 1992, Katsuragawa has been at the forefront of digital engineering technology, pioneering the rights to the world's first digital engineering printing, copying, and scanning system.

KIP Keeps Growing

In the decades since then, KIP systems have evolved to improve with innovations and offer options such as:

By 2018, KIP's system had grown to include the sophisticated models we see today. Designed for precision quality, KIP's wide-format printers can print large width and length documents in black and white and/or color. The technical specifications are impressive enough to do just about any type of copy, print, or scan jobs necessary, while still keeping the touchscreen commands user-friendly.

Industry Leaders in Innovation

Since it hit the market, KIP continues to dominate the industry, leading the speed at which the printer prints per min, fine-tuning color copy resolution, and creating new products. In addition to the printer options, the manufacturer offers products such as network engineering copiers, folding machines, digital multifunction all-in-ones that copy, print, view, and share files in wide format and high speed, and more.

KIP's Newest Innovations

Hitting the scene next are the KIP 600 Series Color Wide-Format print systems. These have two models: the 660 and 650. Both are high-speed devices that are space-saving, cutting up to 25% off of similar models in brands like HP.

If your office environment demands high-speed, high-print turnout, the KIP 660 and 650 are your go-to choices. Both put out 60 prints per min with photo quality resolution. Roll sizes range from 11 to 36 inches in width, and 19.7 feet as a max length. The touchscreen system lets you enter details intuitively and efficiently. However, the 660 is the version that has multifunction capabilities.

Is the KIP System Right for You?

When you're in a profession that needs print capacities the department store brands can't handle, the KIP 600 series is for you. Some of the most popular customers that use KIP products include:

Enter the World of Out-of-the-Box Printing

When you want a machine that prints outside the box, the KIP printer system leads the industry. You can enjoy the stacking, color, print-per-min, and wide format features that this technology offers, saving time for an excellent return on your investment.

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